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This is the first book in the Lights, Camera, Cassidy Series

240 pages     |      Age range:   8-12 years     |     ISBN: 9781101566961


Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group

Published: March 15, 2012

This book captures twelve (almost thirteen) perfectly! The desire to for independence yet the yearning to be with your family, the experience of a first crush, and the humiliation of torn shorts... it's all here in a fun story with an amazing setting... I can't wait to dig into Cassidy's next adventure!

           Reader Review

Lights, Camera, Cassidy


Cassidy Barnett is not your average twelve- (almost thirteen!-) year -old. While most other girls her age are worries about school and clothes and boys, Cass has spent most of her life traveling the world with her travel TV-show-host parents. She gets to visit fabulous places and loves connecting with people via her popular blog.


But when the producers of the show decide that they want to feature Cass on camera, all of that starts to change. Now she’s got to think about what she says, how she looks, and what the world is saying about her. Because like it or not, it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, CASSIDY! 


In this first episode, the show’s producers arrange for Cassidy to be shown around Valencia, Spain, by a local teen (and a cute one at that!). Things are going well – until Cass unwittingly catches a criminal in the act on her video blog, and she’s thrust into the spotlight. To top it all off, her old friend Logan returns to the show. He’s older now and . . . well, cuter. As things with the blog start to heat up, Cassidy finds that she doesn’t know who is a friend, who is a crush, and who just wants her story for the tabloids!

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